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Hot damn, this game looks exactly like
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# 08.04.2021 - 07:08:08

Hot damn, this game looks exactly like a stop motion Wes Anderson movie

Wes Anderson, eat your heart out. Everything in the new story trailer for adventure game Harold Halibut is rendered in real time in Unity. Bonkers, how closely Harold Halibut hews to the look of stop motion film. Everything looks like it's made of real materials, be it wood or clay or fabric, and lit convincingly. It's truly impressive. But streamlining the traditional stop motion stuff doesn't mean the designers get to skip the model-making bit.

Every scene, doll, and prop are first made by hand, then scanned into Unity through videogame development magics. Then they're touched up, animated, and treated with varying shaders and lights to finish the illusion. Harold Halibut is clearly a huge, handmade endeavor, even if the final product is pure polygons.

The result is almost a little too Anderson adjacent for my tastes (more of a Shivering Truth person myself), but I'm still mega impressed with how convincing the effect is here. I didn't even know the scenes were rendered until I noticed some clothing clipping ever so slightly into a character's torso. pg slot
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