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Solar Monitoring
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HD Solar monitoring camera
720P resolution, 2 million pixels, high-definition picture
quality,delicate and real as in the side.
Wide field of vision and greater scope of monitoring to meet the needs
of large space.
ICR infrared filter automatic switching of night vision to reduce the
effect of hot pixel, imaging more clearly.
Solar monitoring
Solar wireless monitoring system uses an inexhaustible supply of clean
and environmentally friendly solar energy. At the same time, the
system adopts advanced audio and video remote wireless networking
technology, It is possible to make remote and uninterrupted monitoring
in areas where power supply is unavailable. With the growing maturity
of the solar wireless monitoring system integration technology, the
system has been more and more widely used in the world and shows a
broad application prospect. The system has the advantages of
environmental protection and energy saving, no trenching or erection
of electric power rack, no need for large number of wire and tubing,
no need for power transmission and transformation equipment, short
construction period, no electricity consumption, not restricted by
geographical location, low maintenance cost, Low-voltage non-electric
shock and many other advantages.
product details
Custom models solar lights on the day
Custom models solar lights on the night
Solar street lamp can be customized according to needs,Street
lamp with smart photosensitive lighting,Solar light comes with
energy-saving lighting mode;High-quality solar body sensor
lights, street lamp automatically brighten when the day
darken,Someone who passed the street lamp automatically become
super bright。Monocrystalline 13W solar panel,fast
charge,10400mA high-capacity lithium battery,Solar
battery storage lasting;Solar street lighting equipment without
excavation、embedded、wiring,Lamppost standard
height of 3 meters,a full range of solar street lamp can be
reorganized。Solar Landscape Street lamp for commercial
attractions and other regions.
Outdoor sorting trash Specification:L750mm*W850mm*H800mm
Trash can panel
Trash box surface with composite fire board combined and high quality
stainless steel decoration, trash keel galvanized square steel welded
together, dustbin liner galvanized sheet material,categorized
trash can accommodate 12L of household waste,garbage bin with
garbage classification and smoke suppression;The top of the
trash box is a boutique flower box feature,flower boxes can be
planted a variety of fine flowers;trash appearance
beautiful,strong and sturdy.
Mobile phone charging station
Dual waterproof phone charging
Y&J solar integrated full range of standard dual USB
charging,double waterproof;This outdoor cell phone
charging station is the highest waterproof outdoor mobile phone
charging device in China market、maintenance of the most
convenient outdoor solar cell phone charging station。
1.Wide voltage design(12-24V)
2.Super support(Compatible with mobile phone charging,ipad
charging, MP3 charging,Digital camera charging)
3.Mobile、digital products fast charging(Smart Power IC,
The current output is stable and stable)
4.Five intelligent protection(Overcurrent
protection,regulator protection,overcharge
protection,over discharge protection,short circuit
Leisure chair Specification:L1000mm*W550mm*H450mm
Leisure seat panel
Outdoor flower box Specification:L650mm*W450mm*H600mmThe overall shape
of casual seating for the wind leisure outdoor seating,the
surface of the furniture is covered with preservative wood,seat
keel galvanized steel high temperature paint,one side of the
seat with outdoor flower box,flower box panel made of
preservative wood and stainless steel、composite board
composition;Flower box keel galvanized steel
paint;flower box seat suitable for city commercial
attractions and other regions.
Ad board Specification:W500mm *H1200mm
Signboard Specification:W700mm *H170mm
Billboard border for the galvanized material baking process
Billboard border for the galvanized material baking
process,outdoor billboards screen waterproof PVC material
printing,advertising signs screen can be changed
regularly,advertising equipment can bring substantial economic
income to owners;Light pole billboard can be changed according
to the needs of signs、traffic signs、road
brand;indication signs give passersby the convenience of a road
guide.Solar Monitoring