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microscope prepared slides on parasitology
1. Product Introduction of the prepared microscope slides
Our company can provide many types of prepared microscope slides about
the microbial. The parasites are normally the first stages of
evolution in Microbial, they have an important component in microbial
research and teaching.
There are more than 240 types of parasites for choose, it is very
nicely prepared microscope slide set which includes Amoeba, euglena,
trypanosome, Plasmodium, schistosoma, taenia and so on. Our microscope
slides are great for students of all ages, from home-schoolers to
college students looking for an excellent introduction to microscopy.
All slides are carefully labeled for easy reference and are arranged
in a fine plastic box / wooden box. It is excellent for educational
use and is perfect for all levels of student study including home
school program.
Notes : Due to the improvement of the quality for human life, many
parasites now are almost extinction. Please check contact with us to
determine the types before placing order. Thanks.

2. Product Parameter(Specification)of the prepared
microscope slides
Microscope slids 7101 : 25.4x72.9x1.5-2mm
The label on the slides : 22x22mm on the right
Usually the left slide is blank
3. Product Feature And Application of the prepared microscope slides
We are a professional manufacturer and distributor of science and
educational supplies for primary schools, middle schools, colleges,
hospitals or medical institutes. The slide was cut subtly without any
mark, break or constrict. There is no destruction of tissues or cells.
The spread of tissues has clear bounds; they remain the original
shape. Also the coloration for the tissues is obvious and clear.
All the time, we insist on Quality first, Service upmost and working
on new products with new materials and new designs to remain our
company at the forefront in the field of science and education. Good
quality products, reliable and favorable price, sincere and warm
service have earned us a very good reputation among our customers.
Besides, we firmly believe that long-term cooperation is based on
mutual understanding and trust. We welcome both old and new customers'
cooperation for mutual benefit in the near future.
Parasites for Protozoa microscope slides catalog
BB-QP1334Euglena W.M
BB-QP1335amoeba W.M
BB-QP1336Paramecium W.M
BB-QP1337Paramecium zygogamy W.M
BB-QP1338Paramecium schizogenesis W.M
BB-QP1339Vorticella W.M
BB-QP1340Acanthopyge W.M
BB-QP1341adolescaria of lung fluke
BB-QP1342Entamoeba histolytica trophozoiteW.M
BB-QP1343Entamoeba histolytica Cysts W.M
BB-QP1344Entamoeba coli trophozoite smear
BB-QP1345Entamoeba coli Cysts smear
BB-QP1346Iodamoeba butschlii cysts smear
BB-QP1347small Iodamoeba butschlii cysts smear
BB-QP1348Entamoeba Hartmanni trophozoite smear
BB-QP1349Entamoeba Hartmanni cysts smear
BB-QP1350Leishmania donovani amastigote W.M(Leishmania donovani)
BB-QP1351Leishmania donovani promastigote W.M(Leishmania donovani)
BB-QP1352blood Trypanosoma smear
BB-QP1353Giardia lamblia trophozoite smear
BB-QP1354Giardia lamblia cysts smear
BB-QP1355Trichomonas vaginalis trophozoite W.M
BB-QP1356Trichomonas hominis trophozoite W.M
BB-QP1357 Plasmodium vivax W.M
BB-QP1358Plasmodium falciparum W.M
BB-QP1359Toxoplasma gondii trophozoite W.M
BB-QP1360Toxoplasma gondii oocyst W.M
BB-QP1361Eimeriidae trophozoite W.M
BB-QP1362Pneumocystis carinii cysts W.M
BB-QP1363Sparganum Proliferum W.M
BB-QP1364Balantidium coli cysts W.M
BB-QP1365Balantidium coli trophozoite W.M
BB-QP1366feather worm statoblastW.M
BB-QP1367freshwater sponge w.m
BB-QP1368sponge spicule (siliceous)
BB-QP1369sponge spicule (calcium intake)
BB-QP1370Hydra W.M
BB-QP1371Hydra gemma W.M
BB-QP1372Hydra C.S
BB-QP1373Hydra L.S
BB-QP1374Hydra C.S through testis
BB-QP1375Hydra C.S through ovary
BB-QP1376Hydra nerve net W.M
BB-QP1377Hydra L.S through gemma
BB-QP1378Dugesia intestine injected W.M
BB-QP1379Dugesia W.M (show genital organ)
BB-QP1380Dugesia C.S
BB-QP1381Taenia solium immature proglottids W.M
BB-QP1382Tapeworms SEC
BB-QP1383sheep TapewormsW.M
BB-QP1384Clonorchis sinesis imago C.S
BB-QP1385Clonorchis sinesis nit W.M
BB-QP1386Clonorchis sinesis liver(HE)
BB-QP1387Clonorchis sinesis adolescaria W.M
BB-QP1388Fasciolopsis nit W.M(naturale)
BB-QP1389Fasciolopsis imago W.M
BB-QP1390Paragonimus westermanii imago W.M
BB-QP1391Paragonimus westermanii nit W.M
BB-QP1392Schistosoma japonicum (female)W.M
BB-QP1393Schistosoma japonicum (male)W.M
BB-QP1394Schistosoma japonicum (F and M Coupling)W.M
BB-QP1395Schistosoma japonicum nit W.M(natural)
BB-QP1396Schistosoma japonicum miracidium W.M
BB-QP1397Schistosoma japonicum sporocyst W.M
BB-QP1398Schistosoma japonicum cercaria W.M
BB-QP1399Spirometra mansoni nit W.M (naturale)
BB-QP1400Spirometra mansoni imago W.M
BB-QP1401Spirometra mansoni sparganum W.M
BB-QP1402Tapeworms with nit (naturale)
BB-QP1403Taenia solium scolex W.M (Taenia armata )
BB-QP1404Taenia solium mature proglottid W.M
BB-QP1405Taenia solium gravid proglottid W.M
BB-QP1406Taenia solium cysticercus W.M
BB-QP1407Taenia solium mature proglottid W.M
BB-QP1408Taenia Saginata nit W.M
BB-QP1409Taenia Saginata scolex W.M
BB-QP1410Taenia Saginata mature proglottid W.M
BB-QP1411Taenia Saginata immaturity proglottid W.M
BB-QP1412Taenia Saginata gravid proglottid W.M
BB-QP1413ox cysticercus W.M
BB-QP1414Taenia Saginata gravid proglottid W.M (ink injected)
BB-QP1415Hymenolepis nana nit W.M (naturale)
BB-QP1416Hymenolepis nana scolex W.M (naturale)
BB-QP1417Echinococcus granulosus imago W.M
BB-QP1418proglottid of hydatid cyst cystic wall
BB-QP1419Echinococcus multilocularis imago W.M
BB-QP1420scolex W.M
Parasites for Nemata microscope slides catalog
BB-QP1421male roundworms C.S
BB-QP1422female roundworms C.S
BB-QP1423roundworms female/male C.S
BB-QP1424human pinworm female W.M
BB-QP1425human pinworm male W.M
BB-QP1426Gordius C.S
BB-QP1427Rotaria W.M
BB-QP1428horse roundworms nit W.M
BB-QP1429roundworms nit W.M
BB-QP1430roundworms fertilized eggW.M (naturale)
BB-QP1431roundworms unfertilized eggW.M (naturale)
BB-QP1432roundworms fertilized egg removal protein W.M (naturale)
BB-QP1433roundworms'head W.M
BB-QP1434male roundworms'tail W.M
BB-QP1435tainted roundworms'nit W.M
BB-QP1436whipworm ovum W.M(naturale)
BB-QP1437whipworm female W.M(naturale)
BB-QP1438whipworm male W.M(naturale)
BB-QP1439pinworm nit W.M
BB-QP1440pinworm nit W.M (naturale)
BB-QP1441ancylostomiasis duodenale female W.M
BB-QP1442ancylostomiasis duodenale male W.M
BB-QP1443Necator americanus W.M (female)
BB-QP1444Necator americanus W.M (male)
BB-QP1445hookworm ovum W.M(naturale)
BB-QP1446ancylostomiasis duodenale copulatory bursa W.M
BB-QP1447ancylostomiasis duodenale oral capsule W.M
BB-QP1448Necator americanus copulatory bursa W.M
BB-QP1449Necator americanus oral capsule W.M
BB-QP1450microfilaria bancrofti
BB-QP1451microfilaria malayi
BB-QP1452trichina imago W.M
BB-QP1453trichina nit W.M
BB-QP1454trichina nit cyst W.M
BB-QP1455trichina cysts interpress
BB-QP1456Macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus nits W.M
w.m. = whole mount, CS = cross section, LS = longitudinal section
4. Packing & Delivery
Packing : The slides can be put in the plastic box / wooden box
Plastic box : 15 / 25 / 30 / 50 / 100 pieces
Wooden box : 25 / 50 / 100 pieces
Carton will be according your quantity.
Delivery : FOB to shanghai / Shenzhen in China.

Please contact with me for more detailed information about the
5. FAQ
1- How many types do you have ?
Dear Sir/Madam, we have thousands types in normal tissue; human
pathological slides; micro-organisms and genetics slides; algae,
fungi, mosses and ferns plant slides; botany and zoology slides;
animal histology and embryology slides.
2- Why do you quote so late /Why do you need so long time when
quotation ?
Because the prepared microscope slides have different names in
different areas. We need more time to check the types of your need
with our catalog, in order to send the correct types to you.
3- Can I print the label on the slides or on the package box ?
Yes, we can add your 1 color Logo on the slides or on the package box.
The label size : 22x22mm.
4- Why is the MOQ 50 pieces/types ?
Dear, the MOQ is 30 ,50,100 which is according to your need. But 50
pieces/types is much higher cost performance, You must take care of
the freight for your order.
6. Company & Lab
English Name :Xinxiang Yuan hang Teaching Equipment Co , Ltd.
Alibaba Name : Xinxiang City Voyage Teaching Equipment Co, Ltd
CEO : Yongchao Ma
Tel: ( + 86 ) 0373-5796859
WhatsApp: +86 18625951525 Yongchao Ma
+86 18224550344 Liang Yu
Website :xxyuanhang.en.alibaba.com
Email: xxyuanhang@163.com
Microscope Slice Lab Office
Our company have their own independent factory and advanced
laboratory, independent perfect packaging and fast mode of
transportation. Welcome customers to visit and custom products all
over the world.China Parasitology Prepared Slides suppliers