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Nike Air Max 90 Viotech To Release Next

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# 27.08.2019 - 15:57:35

“Viotech” is one of Nike's classic color schemes. It usually combines various high-brightness, high-saturation, high-contrast color patches on the upper. Recently, a new "Viotech" color matching Air Max 90 official release. Nike Air Max 90 Viotech continues the classic color scheme, which is spliced ​​in purple, brown, blue, yellow, green, gray and beige. The shoes are very fancy and quite a bit of Easter egg. . In addition to the regular size, there are also children's shoes for sale. After the same color is reduced by several times, it looks very cute.

Jordan Defy SP is the new team basketball shoes launched by Air Jordan Shoes in the summer. It has a sharp shape and is quite a bit of a shadow of Jordan Why Not Zer0.2. Recently, the new color matching Jordan Defy SP has been exposed again. These shoes are made of black leather and mesh material to create the body, velcro, khaki heel, the overall color scheme is very rare.

In order to meet the upcoming marathon season, Nike Sneakers brings the Pink Blast color matching series, which is filled with eye-catching phosphors as the main color, which is injected into the men's and women's shoes of the running shoes family to meet the professional needs of different runners. ! Compared with the previously popular Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%, this year's new Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% uses Vaporweave material for lighter and more breathable, while resisting excessive absorption of sweat and rain, keeping breathable and dry. At the same time, the cushioning performance of the sole is also upgraded, bringing excellent energy feedback and comfort to the runner. The built-in full-handle-type carbon fiber board enhances the hardness while providing superior propulsion. Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 combines translucent materials with a mesh upper to make it lighter and more breathable. Midsole Nike ZoomX foam brings breakthrough energy feedback for long distance training. Inspired by Vaporfly running shoes, the Nike Zoom Fly 3 also features a full palm-shaped carbon fiber board that provides forward propulsion. The midsole features a soft, stretchy Nike React foam that provides superior energy feedback. The lining and low collar design provide better comfort while also providing excellent fit during running.