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2019 New Nike Air Max 95 Black Purple

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As a shoe that appeared 24 years ago, the Air Max 95 has many loyal fans with its sleek body design and the comfortable feel of Air Max air cushion technology. Recently, a new Air Max 95 will be available soon, and the color scheme is very similar to the popular purple grape color. Most of the Nike Air Max 95 Black Purple uppers are made of mesh material, which guarantees the good breathability of the shoes, which is very suitable for the upcoming summer. The color matching mainly adopts black and gray, with blue and purple embellishment, and the simple color is combined with a very high appearance appearance value. With a classic Air Max air cushion, these shoes have to sigh Nike's air cushion design, which transforms simple air into a comfortable foot. The design of the soles of the soles greatly guarantees the grip and anti-slip effect of the shoes, conquering many runners.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Kyrie Low appeared last year, has been recognized by many actual combat parties for his dexterous shape and outstanding practical performance. Recently, a new color scheme is about to be released. Compared with the 1st generation, Nike Kyrie Low 2 abandoned the strap design and switched to the TPU board as the upper support. The outsole continued the curved surface design to make the start more excellent, and the smart low-cut style is believed to be subject to many defenders. Favor. In terms of color matching, white is used as the main color of the upper, with black Swoosh embellishment, and the upper support is bright orange, which looks refreshing and bright, and is quite energetic.

2019 Sneakers Release,As one of Nike's most representative shoes, the Air Max 1 has been undoubtedly the most popular shoe on the street since its birth. For the first time, the Nike air cushion is exposed and has an epoch-making milestone! Constantly innovating and letting us see its unique side. Following the white-red color of the previously exposed manuscript, a new Nike Air Max 1 inspirational network inspired by production drawings, the process of transforming 2D drawings into physical objects, is undoubtedly the best show of the classics! Nike Air Max 1 Tinker Schematic is an all-white covered shoe that represents the background color of the drawing. The black car line and the mid-bottom bold lines echo the design text distributed on the upper. The left and right heels are presented with the signature of the retro Nike Air logo and legendary designer Tinker Hatfield. Finally, the milky white jelly outsole is finished. The whole body is not only full of personality, but also a second-rate atmosphere.