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# 06.05.2019 - 14:34:23

You must remember the classic line "I used my Air Max for your BMW", and the protagonist of this sentence was the Nike Air Max 95 Neon color matching at the time. Recently, the well-known sneaker shop atmos also produced a new color matching Air Max 95, full of the first year color matching is both visual. The Air Max 95's signature wavy body is complemented by a gradient design from grey to black. The tongue and the middle of the body are embellished with fluorescent green to make this classic running shoe return. It is a pity that the most classic window air cushions are not dressed in fluorescent green. Although Nike has not re-enacted the first-year color of the Air Max 95, this new color can also be a great alternative.

Men Air Shoes,The Air Jordan 13 “Cap and Gown”, which was officially launched on the US official website on April 27, finally ushered in the sale of the country. The series, inspired by the caps and robes at the graduation ceremony, was launched in May last year with the Air Jordan 11 “Cap and Gown”, which has won unanimous praise. The Air Jordan 13 will not disappoint. The overall upper is made of reflective patent leather and suede material. It has a dazzling appearance and also guarantees the texture of the body. The noble and cold appearance style is worthy of the title of “Black Warrior”. The classic "cat's eye" on the upper has also been completely redesigned. It is not presented in a classic holographic manner. Instead, it overlays the Flying Man Logo and 23, and has a more layered texture that perfectly fits the design with the theme of "Graduation Ceremony". The lace detailing features a 3M reflective texture that echoes the reflective patent leather under the light. The sole is in the same blue crystal outsole as the Air Jordan 11 “Cap and Gown”, adding a dreamy aesthetic.

2019 Mens Jordans,Last year Harden won the regular season MVP, and adidas created the MVP exclusive color for this glory moment. This year's season awards have not yet been announced, adidas Harden Vol.3 MVP color matching has appeared in the network in advance. Compared to last year's gorgeous black gold theme, this year's design style has changed dramatically. It did not continue to show glory, but the theme of Harden’s performance. The shoes are mainly black, with red and yellow colors, and they are very rocky. The rear part of the shoe body is rendered with a yellow spray paint graffiti effect. The biohazard symbol and the warning line element suggest the performance of Harden's horror. The line arrow pattern seems to represent the European step-up layup for Harden's signature. The forefoot elastic band and the heel portion are in a red and silver alert line pattern. The insole is printed with a red MVP font that highlights a special theme. This year's MVP color matching, more able to show the strength of Harden, is undoubtedly a better interpretation of the award. The only question now is, can Harden be able to reconnect with MVP? let us wait and see.