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Pokemon Go's Bonus Kanto Tour Event Star
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# 05.03.2021 - 09:26:06

Pokemon Go's Bonus Kanto Tour Event Starts Tomorrow

Players who purchased a ticket for February's Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event will have access to more exclusive Timed Research tasks and rewards starting March 5.

Niantic is holding a bonus event for Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto ticket holders starting tomorrow, March 5. Beginning at 10 AM local time, players who had purchased a ticket to the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event will have a chance to complete more event-exclusive Timed Research tasks, with a variety of rewards up for grabs.

According to Niantic, you'll be able to earn the following items by completing the aforementioned Timed Research:

30 Ultra Balls
A Lure Module
A Poffin
A Super Incubator
A Lucky Egg
Three Silver Pinap Berries
A Star Piece
An Elite Fast TM
An Elite Charged TM
A Charged TM
A Fast TM
100 Mew Candy
These Timed Research tasks will be available for ticket holders until 10 AM local time on April 5. Niantic will also offer a free bundle containing three Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go's in-game shop. You can read more details about the event on the official Pokemon Go blog.

The original Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event took place on February 20 and was a paid event. Players were required to purchase a ticket in order to gain access to most of the event's features, but due to technical issues, some users were able to access the event without paying. Niantic is holding this bonus event as a make-good to those who did buy a ticket.

Niantic recently kicked off a new season of content for Pokemon Go, and the studio has many events planned over the next few weeks. A Searching for Legends event begins on March 9 and gives players more chances to catch certain Rock, Ground, and Steel Pokemon, including Shiny Nosepass.

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